I explore with a camera. I'm passionate about seeing the world, searching out those awe-inspiring moments and views that sometimes only last a few seconds in reality, but become almost an emotion in memory. 

I take photographs to try and share my sense of wonder and amazement at how astonishing the world is around us. Sometimes I lean towards a documentary style to tell the story of a time or place as I see it, other times I enjoy a more abstract or artistic approach that attempts to express the emotion of a fleeting, breath-taking moment.

For the past 9 years I've explored the world from a wheelchair, after becoming paralysed. My drive comes from a deep-rooted sense of belonging in those places that are rarely seen, a particularly frustrating mindset when unable to walk but the inaccessibility of those places has only doubled their appeal. 

So I began paragliding as a way to see and explore places that I would otherwise never see from a wheelchair.  Most of my photographs are taken from the seat of my powered paraglider, anywhere between 50ft to 12,000ft above the ground. In many ways it's the best possible platform for photographing the world, a unique viewpoint that allows me to truly explore. A rare and exciting view of the planet that I am anxious and impatient without.

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